Ecovocateur is a conscious platform that features only brands that are ethical, sustainable, non-toxic and eco-friendly. It's a provocative take on a fashion blog, challenging the fashion industry and its restricting ideas that being sustainable is boring & limiting.


Ecovocateur will be promoting not only fashion brands, but anything that can reduce our waste & negative impact on Mother Earth.


Mariel comes from a content creation background. Ecovocateur platform will focus on creating original content both photography and film. The editorials and fashion films  will not only be stunning but powerful with strong messages embedded and push boundaries. In an effort to not only compete with existing campaigns and high fashion brands, but to demonstrate that there is nothing sexier than being sustainable.

Ecovocateur sets out to provoke and challenge the status-quo, and to serve as a tool to empower anyone to live a more conscious, sustainable lifestyle aligned and honoring our mother earth and each other.

Join Ecovocateur on her journey as she discoveries the hottest, most innovative, sustainable brands on the market from clothing, shoes, workout gear, beauty, makeup, accessories, and industry leaders who are innovating for a beautiful future.

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